School Counseling Daily Calendar Printable

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I've been working as a high school counselor for about 10 years now.  It really is hard to believe!  I will not ever pretend to know everything about the profession.  How could I or any of us?  It changes so much every day and I am definitely aware of that.  What I have figured out are a few ways to organize my life at work so that I don't feel completely overwhelmed, especially when it comes to tracking data.

I think that school counselors in general are maybe not the best at tracking all of the data.  I mean, let's face it, we have 100 different things coming at us in all different directions all the time.  Well, this year I decided to create a daily calendar for my desk.  I also keep a Google Calendar, but I needed a place to document all of the things that came my way that day.  I also really like to check things off!

So, this calendar lists:

  1. To-Do's with a check off box
  2. Daily tasks with a check off box (things like email, morning duty, voicemails, etc)
  3. Meetings/Classrooms so that I can track where I went and when (parent conferences, guidance, etc).
  4. Collaboration box.  I made this one a box so that I could fill in as much detail as I wanted.  So many teachers catch you in the hall or as you are going somewhere and I wanted to be able to document it all.  Having it right in front of me on the desk helps me remember and quickly make a note.
  5. Students.  This is for documenting all of the students I saw whether it was a quick check-in in the hallway or if it was behind closed doors.
  6. Parents.  Again, I want to document the emails, phone calls and face to face conversations.

Now, when I am finished for the day I can just tear off the sheet of paper, punch holes and place it in a notebook.  When I have more time or the time comes to compile all of the information into a spreadsheet I can do so easily because the date is listed and I already have everything in categories!

You can download the School Counseling Daily Calendar from Teachers Pay Teachers for only $3.  Just print off however many you would like (I print 20 at a time) and then cut a cereal box or cardboard box our for your backer.  Use a paint brush or your finger and brush a little bit of glue or Mod Podge at the top of the papers and cardboard.  Use a chip clip to clamp it together for about 30 minutes.  Now you have a fantastic notepad right at your fingertips to organize your day!

Next stop, impressing your administration with all of your data!


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