Create a Dream Career Wall

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Our school is a brand new construction that uses so many simple and cool design elements.  I love the simplicity of these boards that were installed.  It's really nothing more than fencing that has been bent.  What it created was the perfect place for me to clip pictures I took of our 100 freshmen!

The sign they are holding says "Future _________".  I printed the phrase out on printer paper and inserted it into a glass picture frame.  Each student used a sharpie marker to write their dream career in the line provided.  I plan on doing this with each freshman class and leaving them up to see how things change when they are seniors!

The pictures were taken with a Surface Pro 3, printed on regular paper and then laminated.  I think the easier method would have been to use my iPhone on the Square picture function and print them from Walgreens.  They have a square printing service!

This sign greets everyone who enters our building.  Not only does it let visitors see a little bit more about our kids, but it creates an atmosphere of future oriented students.

What are your college and career awareness ideas?  I love to see what you all are doing in your schools.  Feel free to leave a link in the comments below.


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